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No-Fault Divorce

What is a No-fault Divorce?

No-fault divorce means that neither party needs to prove wrongdoing in order to dissolve their marriage. No-fault divorces are granted for reasons such as irreconcilable differences or an irreparable breakdown of the marriage. Neither party can object to the other’s request for a no-fault divorce. Even the objection itself can be considered an irreconcilable difference by the court. Obtaining a no-fault divorce is the most cordial approach to going through the separation process.

No-fault divorce law

As part of the new no-fault divorce law system, either partner can submit a divorce application, or both can submit a joint application. A time frame of twenty weeks has been introduced between the applications being submitted and the final order is applied. Afterward, another minimum timeframe of twenty weeks has been set in motion between the issuance of the application and the conditional order being applied. Further, a period of six weeks and one day must be observed between the conditional order and the final order’s application. This is the no-fault Divorce law in England. In introducing this timeframe, reformers hope to alleviate concerns that reforms would make divorce a more accessible and quicker decision for couples instead of attempting to save their relationship. Before committing to a divorce or dissolution of civil partnership, the couple may reflect and work through their differences during this ‘period of reflection’.

Separation agreements: an alternative to no-fault divorce law

Separation agreements can be an alternative to divorce for couples. They are written agreements detailing how the couple is going to separate. A separation agreement does not terminate a marriage or civil partnership, but it can enable the separated parties to agree on how to split.

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