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– Banking is the largest sector which generally deals with the management of the money of people, government, and authorities. As you all know that banking has some strict deals with regard to money transactions and that is also compulsory because they are doing that all to secure the money of so many people those who are trusting the banks for keeping their hard earned money. Although having a strict and secure system, the banks sometimes have to face indeed frauds and major losses. The worst of these are the losses of the individuals who only holds their cash deposit in the banks. They usually tend to face the frauds because of negligence to follow the safety measures which they ignore while doing their financial transactions. And others may face due to the intrusion into their financial privacy details by the fraudster. Here MB Law Ltd Solicitors will provide you proper guidance regarding bank security and the frauds related to the financial and personal detailings.

How can we help you with Banking Fraud

It is important for those who have already been a target or charged with these frauds, that they must have the confidence in their Solicitor. At MB Law Ltd Solicitors we provide expert legal fraud defence, online banking fraud advice and the representation throughout the country to those suspected of, or charged with fraud related offences. We have many years of experience in representing clients who have been the subject of investigations conducted and prosecuted, by the Serious Fraud Office.

We are often asked to assist clients who have already, at some time, during the course of an investigation or Court proceedings have had representation from a Solicitor. We are used to dealing with such enquiries and advising as to the transfer of a case from previous Solicitors to our practice.

If you need assistance regarding banking fraud, please call us on our 24×7 Emergency: 07737996126 -or- 07940234801 for our banking fraud solicitors or for more details

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    Safety Measures for Bank Details:

    • You either be owning the Credit or the Debit Card both of which are issued by the banks to their account holders and you know that these cards carry all the information regarding your financial status and the money already deposited in the banks. Now losing these card details in any way means that you are triggering the response of attack of fraudsters those who could interact with your money deposited in your bank account. So be sure to keep your credit or debit cards safe and secure and don’t reveal their details to unknown people. In case you have lost your cards or someone have stolen these then be quick to contact your bank authorities first to block these cards as soon as possible!
    • Don’t even tell your card PIN to the bank employee or the authority which they would generally not ask you. But for your safety, you have to know that this is not required by the banks for no such reason.
    • Never do the transaction on the websites which are not secure. Always tend to do the transactions on the websites which you type in the address bar. Don’t go for the suspicious links in any case because these links could lead to hacking, phishing or malicious attacks.
    • In case you get to know about any inappropriate bank transactions i.e money going out or in, you should firstly contact your bank authorities because this could be the attack of fraudsters on your account or someone is using your account details without your consent for some purpose. Always beware of such kind of suspected deals offered by unknown people claiming themselves as government agents and always remain updated about the balance of your bank account.
    • Identity theft is the major case in which the fraudsters could use your account with your identity details like PIN and personal details etc. for some criminal purpose by hacking it. Hence for these dealings, you shall be held responsible. In case you know about any of the interference in your account or financial transactions you must contact and tell the bank authorities unless they won’t be able to secure you. You should also try to reach the police for this issue as the chances are more likely that you may get involved in any such crime in the eyes of law!

    If you have been suspected of or charged with any of the following crimes, please get in touch with us at the earliest. We assure you of the best possible help and service.

    • Account Takeover
    • Bank Account fraud
    • False Accounting fraud
    • Counterfeit Cheque fraud
    • Prime Bank Guarantee Fraud
    • Cheque Fraud
    • Mandate Fraud
    • Cash Point Fraud
    • Facility Takeover
    • Identity Theft Fraud
    • PIN Entry Devices
    • Land Banking Scams
    • Credit/Debit Card Fraud

    Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

    Feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Banking, Cheque, Credit/Debit Card Frauds. Here MB Law Ltd Solicitors provide you with experienced banking fraud solicitors to all parts of London namely HounslowUxbridgeEalingKingstonSuttonHarrowWood GreenLeytonWest EndKnights BridgeCroydonBromleyGreenwichPoplar, Ilford, Romford, Redbridge, Westminster, Brent, Islington, Havering, Barnet,  Enfield, Wandsworth, Southwark,  Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Newham, Lewisham, Camden, Barnet, Havering,  Merton,  Hammersmithand FulhamHillingdon, etc.

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