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The Magistrates’ Court is the lowest level of court and deals with minor offences in England and Wales. All the criminal offence cases start in this court. The Bench consisting of three judges or magistrates oversees all court proceedings and most of the cases are concluded here. Some cases are referred to the Crown Court if during the court proceedings the magistrates’ feel that the case has moved beyond their skills, knowledge, and powers, for instance, in the case of more serious crimes.

If you have been charged at a Police Station, you are due to face proceedings before a Magistrates’ Court and we suggest that you consider appointing a solicitor. MB Law Ltd has a dedicated team of lawyers with extensive experience of handling Magistrate court cases (Magistrate Court Representation Hounslow) .

You may be entitled to legal aid, which you can apply for, once your case gets to the court. For more please refer to the Legal Aid section.

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