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Debt Recovery – Debt is a measure of cash acquired by one gathering from another. Debt is utilized by numerous organizations and people as a technique for making vast buys that they couldn’t manage the cost of under ordinary conditions. A Debt game plan gives the getting party authorization to obtain cash under the condition that it is to be paid back at a later date, generally with premium.

A Debt by and large alludes to something owed by one gathering, the borrower or indebted person, to a moment gathering, the loan specialist or bank. The borrower or indebted person might be a sovereign state or nation, neighborhood government, organization, or a person. The moneylender or lease might be a bank, charge card organization, payday credit supplier, or a person.

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    Details of the Agreement

    Claim                                Fees

    Up to £5,000                     – £1,000.00 + VAT (£1200)

    £5,000 – £10,000               – £1,500.00 + VAT (£1800)

    £10,000 – £25,000             – £2,000.00 + VAT (£2400)

    £25,000 – £50,000             – £3,000.00 + VAT (£3600)

    £50,000 – £100,000           – TBA on the claim – estimate costs on complexity

    *please note that these costs ONLY relate to undisputed claims where the Defendant/s have failed to respond to the pre action letter and/or the claim.

    Note: The cost of the case can be at lower if the matter is simple.

    FurtherEstimate based on the work involved in conducting the matter.

    Hourly Rate Agreement

    Our Director, Solicitor and Paralegal will work on the case and their hourly rates are:

    • Partners and Senior Solicitors 8+ years of experience – £300 per hour
    • Solicitors 4+ years of experience – £240 per hour
    • Other solicitors, Legal Executive – £220 per hour
    • Trainee solicitors and Paralegals – £180 per hour

    The fees would attract a VAT of 20%, VAT is only charged for disbursements when the person claiming disbursement is VAT registered

    There may be a few disbursements not limited to:

    • Court Fees such as Issue Fees. Find updated list of Court fees. This will be reflected on the value of the claim [see link ];  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fees-in-the-civil-and-family-courts-main-fees-ex50
    • Disbursements such as not limited to Barrister’s fees, expert’s fees, search fees, translation costs etc if they become necessary;
    • Enforcement action to collect debt or enforce a judgment;
    • Defence filed by the opponent [see disputed claims]
    • Appeals
    • Interest and compensation may take the debt into a higher banding, with a higher cost.
    • Complexities with issuing the claim in England, jurisdiction issues
    • Complex background or history to the claim, which may involve considerable number of hours to investigate

    We will let you know at the earliest opportunity and before any such fees are incurred by yourself, if any of these are applicable.

    Stages involved:

    On average, this type of work entails from 5 to 10 hours of work dependant on level of communication required.

    The exact number of hours it will take depends on the circumstances in your case. Factors that may affect the hours can be:

    • The amount of supporting evidence that we need to consider
    • Lack of cooperate from the opponent
    • Number of Parties
    • Historical background
    • Jurisdictions of parties (should a defendant live outside the jurisdiction we would have to revisit costs estimates dependant on the country in question).
    • Complications relating to service
    • Investigations on the defendants and address of the defendant
    • Unforeseen complexities that may arise
    • Language barriers or translations
    • Small Track Claim – 6-12 Months from initial instructions
    • Fast Track Claim – 12-18 Months from initial instructions
    • Multi Track Claim – 12-24 Months from initial instructions

    The work will be carry out by:

    • Director assisted by a Solicitor
    • Solicitor/Director assisted by a Paralegal

     Note: Director supervise the whole work and holds ultimate accountability and conduct of matters.

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