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If you are under arrest or are to be interviewed by police in the police station, you are entitled to request a solicitor as this is your right and any advice at the police station is free. Anyone detained by the police has a right to silence until they speak to a solicitor. Therefore, under no circumstances should you speak or make any comments to the police about the offence.

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    Facing criminal charges is a very stressful and overwhelming experience.  We understand this and assist you through the entire legal process, from an early stage of the investigation that can affect the outcome of your case. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do seek legal advice.

    Please provide our details to the police and they will make arrangements for you to speak to us on phone. We will come to the police station for free if you are going to be interviewed or if you are being mistreated and will advise you throughout the period of your detention. Whilst MB Law Ltd is based in Hounslow, London.

    In serious cases, we can arrange for representation throughout the UK and offer a 24-hour service throughout the criminal process Call our 24/7 Police Station Interview Representations Hounslow : 07737996126 or 07940234801.

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    We completely understand that it can be one of the most devastating discoveries and a difficult situation to handle.

    Child Abuse Solicitors

    Child Abuse Solicitors – Child abuse is also known as child maltreatment. It is psychological, physical or sexual

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    Drunk driving is the demonstration of driving a vehicle while affected by liquor, medications or influenced

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    We at MB Law Solicitors are experienced in dealing with all types of claims including high-value claims.

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    Criminal Defence Solicitors at MB Law Ltd provide a high-quality personalized service while ensuring a thorough level of case preparation.

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    We understand that this is one of the most difficult situations that you will face in your life and more than the legal advice


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