How to apply to the Ukraine family scheme?

The Ukraine family scheme applications were opened on 4th March. The UK government took this initiative to offer a safe space to Ukrainians. You can also apply for the Ukraine family visa scheme if you have a valid reason.

The Ukraine family visa scheme is for all the extended and immediate family members for the UK settled people and British nationals. Individuals can file UK visa applications for Ukrainians. The new scheme will allow all the eligible people to work, live and study in the UK. Public funds will provide the grants for the same for over three years. At MB Law LTD, some experts will help you understand the rules and also help you apply for a VISA.

Who can apply for the Ukraine family visa scheme?

Individuals applying for the Ukraine family visa scheme need to follow specific rules and regulations. These include;

  • Accompany the UK family members.
  • Be a Ukraine National or immediate family member of any Ukrainian national.
  • Must have been staying in Ukraine before 2022.
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    How to apply for the Ukraine family visa scheme with the help of MB Law LTD experts?

    Since the UK government has introduced the Ukraine family visa scheme, all information is mentioned. Individuals can apply for the same online and can proceed with it. However, individuals using UK visa applications for Ukrainians must provide a passport to scan. Furthermore, biometric verification is crucial too.

    Children under five years of age don’t need to provide any fingerprints when it comes to children. However, they need to attend the meeting at VAC so that their photograph can be taken. After applying for the scheme, individuals will need to wait to get the visa approved.

    The UKVI is responsible for providing approval for the visa. Considering the worsening situation in Ukraine, visa application by Ukrainians is deemed to be a priority. Therefore, UKVI will look into the matter and get it solved soon. Once the decision is made, the authorities will contact you.

    Get in touch with professionals

    When you apply for the Ukraine family visa scheme, you need to contact professionals. Lawyers at MB Law LTD are readily available to help you. We will provide you with complete guidance on applying for the visa.

    You can also apply for an EU settlement scheme family permit depending on your requirement. Therefore, we will take a closer look into the market. This will only be granted if you’re eligible. You shouldn’t apply to Ukraine family visa scheme and EU Settlement scheme simultaneously.

    If you want to know more about the Ukraine family visa scheme, contact the professional advisors at MB Law LTD

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