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Mortgage Fraud Solicitors– Mortgage Fraud has now become a severe issue these days and the clear evidence of mortgage fraud suppose to be recognized with the help of certain misconceptions between the actual terms offered by the mortgage lender.

Mortgage fraud is a crime in which the intent is to omit information or materially misrepresent on a mortgage loan application to obtain a loan or to obtain a larger loan than could have been achieved and either lender or borrower knows the reality.

Classification of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Frauds can be classified into several types. These type of frauds can happen by the misconception of the actual information as well as data to gain more and more mortgage contracts injudiciously.
Mortgage fraud is not to be sophisticated with rapacious mortgage lending. Mortgage fraud occurs when a consumer is misled or deceived by an agent of the lender. However, rapacious lending practices often co-exist with mortgage fraud.

The Fraud Act 2006 often referred to save the general public from such frauds and the need of the hour is to coach them on the basic components of mortgage frauds as real estate fraud, and the way such frauds happens would guide the general masses to identify them and nip them from the bud.

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    VAT Fraud in EU

    According to the figures released in September 2006 Eurocanet, a project of European Commission revealed that the United Kingdon is the main victim of VAT Fraud in the EU. The UK lost at least € 12.6 billion during 2005-06 followed by Spain and Italy. Most of the cases filed in the Courts are about the allegation of VAT related frauds within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and nearby places. These types of frauds are not only serious by the way they have been operationalized by some notorious gangs and mafia.

    Operation of the UK Authority

    A business that buys or sells goods charge VAT to those who buy goods from them (output tax). It can reclaim subject to various rules prevailing, the VAT it pays and passes it to the government the net VAT it collects (output tax less input tax). In this way, the business acts as a collector on behalf of the government.

    But due to some leniency is given by the government of some countries upon the movement of goods within the specified boundaries or outside the country i.e. export free trade where the fraudster seller of the goods charges a buyer price of goods along with the VAT amount but he doesn’t pass on the VAT to the government. In this way, the seller becomes “missing trader”.

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    MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help you throughout the MTIC Carousel Fraud-VAT Fraud, advising on all aspects of cross borders or country VAT frauds. We as a solicitor firm not only take your case best foot forward but assures you in each and every aspect of your case sensitivity if arising out of any circumstances. We provide you with our experienced MTIC VAT fraud law Solicitors in all parts of London namely HounslowUxbridgeEaling, KingstonSuttonHarrowWood GreenLeytonWest EndKnights BridgeCroydonBromleyGreenwichPoplarIlfordRomfordRedbridgeWestminsterBrentIslingtonHaveringBarnetEnfieldWandsworthSouthwarkBarking and DagenhamBexleyNewhamLewishamCamdenBarnetHaveringMertonHammersmith and FulhamHillingdon, etc.

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