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Civil Litigation Solicitors – Civil Litigation or the solving of the civil people’s issues with particular laws is confined differently in different countries. The disputes of the civil people according to the cultural matters, business matters or any other matter are solved in some defined way out that is specially meant for the civil people. Now when the civil litigation is considered then there are some standard styles to be created by following which these issues could be solved legally by the courts and this is not same as that of the other bigger disputes.

Civil Litigation Solicitors

The different court structures for various types of cases being defended are given below, all these structures are to be followed according to the severity of the case being defended by the court:

Cases for small claims: If the case being defended in court is for obtaining up to the small claims i.e less than 10,000 euros then the case is put under the Small claims track and is defended by selected solicitors in some different manner.

Fast Track cases: This is the column under which the court avails the cases regarding the 10,000 euros to 25,000 euros claim disputes and hence for this type of cases the special different kind of defending systems is regarded. The civil people following to defend this type of case are said to follow the Fast Track court system for getting up their legal decisions for the disputes.

Multi-Track cases: If the claims are over the 25,000 euros then there is a special need for the complex court laws, this means that all the cases under this section are evolved or defended by some other types of actions and law strategies.

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    There are County Courts designated by the government where the Small claim cases and the Fast track cases are evaluated legally. These types of courts could also be called as civil trial centers and therefore you could easily judge up their action on this basis. The Multi-Track cases are not allocated under these County courts as for these types of cases the high court has following divisions meant for the purpose.

    The three divisions that are meant for the Multi Track cases in the High court in Civil Litigation are suggested below:

    Queens Bench:

    This branch of the High court deals with the Multi-Track Cases of civilians related to the contracts and the tort claims. So if any case is considered under this section then it would be defended in the Queens bench of the High court.


    This high court branch is related to the Multi Track civil cases with the disputes like mortgages, trusts, copyrights etc all. The special kind of Law based defending is done for such civil cases by this Chancery bench.


    Matrimonial or divorce related cases and the children related disputes of the civilians are all meant to be defended under the family section in the high court. This could be easily sectioned as the cases related are simply defined i.e all cases related to the family matters!

    The simplest procedure is made by the government to divide up the different types of civil cases under different sections and hence the people could find it no hard to get their case defended and placed in the Court! We can assist you with:

    ✓ Debt Collection

    ✓ Building Disputes

    Breach of Contract

    • Boundary Disputes
    • Employment Issues
    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
    • Court, Arbitration or Tribunal Proceedings
    • Personal Injury
    • Family Mediation
    • Negligence Claims
    • Neighbour Disputes
    • Pre-Action Negotiation
    • Sale or Purchase of Goods and Services
    • Injunctions Landlord and Tenant Disputes

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    Just think about once before considering any Civil Litigation as if you will think about it then you can get up some great services although but you may get to pay back double of it because the investigation authorities are working to stop it and they can also easily locate your mistakes or misguiding parameters. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced civil litigation solicitors.

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