Are you planning to seek Parental Rights and Responsibilities?

Want to have a say in your children upbringing but doesn’t have any rights to do so?

Seek for Parental Rights and Responsibilities (PRR) from the court. The PRR mainly consist of all the necessary rights of a parent on their children upbringing and maintenance. From buying them a house to taking major decisions for their life until they are 18 years old are some of the rights, parents have on their children. Whether the parents are married or unmarried, the children are still their responsibility to look after.

What Is Parental Rights and Responsibilities?

When a couple gives birth to a child, they are offered PPR (Parental Rights and Responsibilities) from the court, which gives them full authority and rights to look after the children and take major decisions on behalf of their children until they become capable of looking after case, the parents weren’t married at the time of childbirth then the mother gets the PRR automatically while the father needs to apply for it from the court. He can also get the PRR if he marries the mother of his child or else, he has to hire a lawyer for it.

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    We, the MB solicitors, take pride in offering the best legal advice and consultation in such matters. Our experienced and highly-intellectual lawyers solve the matters with sensitivity and keeping things simple for our clients so that they don’t panic. The PRR requires a ready affidavit made by lawyers and we have been working very closely with the court. Hence, our service can be rest-assured and positive outcoming results. We help you get the PRR for your children without making any hassles so that, you can help your children at such a tender age and when they really need your support to grow-up.

    Contact our experienced lawyers and we can guide you through all the procedures perfectly.

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