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Debit-Credit Card Fraud Solicitors – The fraudsters could use some kind of techniques to gain access to the Debit-Credit card’s information of the other person for some beneficial purpose like charging purchases under that Debit-Credit Card or for removing the entire funds from the accounts.

Debit-Credit Card Fraud Solicitors

Now, these types of frauds could be extremely severe and might also tend to cause the great money loss to the victim or even the government, so to prevent or protect from this kind of frauds there is some legal law for that. To know more about this type of fraud and the legal grants related to it, here MB Law Ltd Solicitors will assist you with.

Different types of Credit Card Frauds:

  • The fraudulent person may succeed in obtaining your debit card details and uses that information for beneficial purpose i.e for making payments, buying products or clearing the whole funds from your bank account.
  • Using some technique when any fraudster uses his/her expired Credit card details to buy the items, knowing that the last date for the credit card has revoked. Any person if uses the credit card which doesn’t have the enough balance to buy items, then also this type of fraud is considered under such category.
  • If any user through the fraudulent practices sells the goods or services to the others using some illegal mode to obtain the Debit or Credit card information. This could be done by someone easily but this comes under the law as a bank fraud case.
  • Through the Identity Theft when some suspicious person uses your personal details for doing various Debit-Credit Card related frauds then also it is sectioned under Fraud Act 2006. The identity such obtained could be used to make up the Credit Cards which could be further used for transactions under that identity only!
  • Unauthorized charges made on the Debit-Credit card accounts by the fraudsters through the use of online hacking, phishing or other illegal techniques. This is also known as Fraud Spree case and this is separately described for taking the legal action by the law.
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    How could your Debit-Credit Card details go to the Fraudsters:

    • Using your Lost or Stolen Debit-Credit Card.
    • Looking for your card details while you are making the transactions.
    • Through Online Hacking Techniques.
    • Through false Phone calls asking for the Debit-Credit Card details.

    You would have to remain attentive while doing your transactions, protect your personal details and all related information, tend to block your cards as soon as possible when you lost it. Apart from that all if you still have any allegations regarding the Debit-Credit Card Fraud then you are free to contact the assisting authorities like police, bank members etc for the help!

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    Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Debit -Credit Card Fraud. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors in all parts of London namely HounslowUxbridgeEalingKingstonSuttonHarrowWood GreenLeytonWest EndKnights BridgeCroydonBromleyGreenwichPoplarIlfordRomfordRedbridgeWestminsterBrentIslingtonHaveringBarnetEnfieldWandsworthSouthwarkBarking and Dagenham, Bexley,  NewhamLewishamCamdenBarnetHaveringMertonHammersmith and FulhamHillingdon, etc.

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