Bribery and Corruption Act

Bribery and Corruption Act Solicitors –  Bribery is the act of giving expensive goods, money or financial recompense in the form of shares, bonds or debentures to the recipient in exchange for an alteration of behaviour or action that the recipient would not alter otherwise.

It is illegal to offer money, promise, commodity receive or accept bribes in any form whether physical or non-physical.

Guidelines according to the UK Bribery Act 

The bribery act was passed on the 8 April 2010 and came into force on 1 July 2011. It is the act of Parliament of the United Kingdom which covers the criminal law related to bribery. The received the consent of Royal Assent on 8 April 2010 following support by various legislative parties. This reveals previous statutory and all common law provision in relation to bribery.

The penalty for committing a crime is under this Act are maximum of 10 years of imprisonment, along with an unlimited.

Things come under Bribery Act 2010 are as follows

  • Private to private bribery
  • Active and passive bribery
  • Facilitation payments
  • Promotional expenses
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    UK Bribery Act – Implications for Companies, Boards, and Management

    The UK Bribery act is a legislation of significance for companies incorporated in or carrying business in the UK. It represents high liability risks for companies, directors, and individuals. To avoid corporate liability for misconduct and bribery, it must make sure that they (companies) have strong, updated and effective anti-bribery policies and guidelines.

    Jurisdiction of the BRIBERY ACT

    This act has a jurisdiction limits for the UK companies doing businesses abroad and for overseas companies with the presence in the UK.

    UK companies doing business overseas – Companies which registered in the UK must take into consideration of the territorial reach of the bribery act. The company may commit an offence under Section 7 due to failure to restrict an employee, agent or service provider associated with the company if bribes another person or company to obtain some sort of business advantage.

    Foreign companies with operations in the UK – The bribery act has implications for foreign companies incorporated abroad but operating in the UK for the territorial scope. According to the bribery act, any multinational company incorporated abroad carries a business to maximize its profits by using illicit means by providing some form of benefit to the person in power or authority may get punishment under Section 7 of UK bribery act.

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