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Driving Offence Solicitors in London

If you have been involved in a driving offence or have been served a Notice of Intended Prosecution, it is imperative to employ the services of an expert driving offence solicitors to maximise the chances of success. Consequences of a driving can be extensive and severe and we will do everything the law permits to save your licence. Driving offences can cause acute embarrassment and duress on both a personal and business level. Going to court for a traffic matter is a serious issue but the criminal justice system deals with people accused of Road Traffic matters in the same way as other offenders that can make you feel criminalised.

Roads are the best familiar type of transport or travelling support systems that are being used by every people in this world. Roads are preferred to be used 70% more than any other way hence because of this only there is huge traffic accumulation on the roads on the daily basis (on most of the major road connections). As the rules and regulations of the road communications is supposed to be followed by every motor driver as it is a must requirement, but still, after so much regulatory and strictness to keep the road rules and hence the smooth flow of traffic, there are some people those who get distracted from all of these. Whenever someone breaks the rules and regulations of the road traffic there is a penalty registered on his offence which could result in the total driving ban is that penalties reach to the danger number 12 received within three years.

✓ Drink Driving

✓ Drug Driving

✓ Careless Driving

✓ Speeding Offences & Defences

✓ Driving Without Insurance

✓ Traffic Light Offence

✓ Failure to Provide Specimen

✓ Police Seizure of Property

Details of the Agreement

Fixed Fees

  • Guilty Plea with 1 hearing £5,00 + VAT = (£600) plus disbursements (If any)
  • Guilty Plea with 2 hearing £1,000 + VAT = (£1,200) plus disbursements (If any)
  • Not Guilty Plea
  • Trial at Magistrates Court – £2,000 + VAT = (£2,400) plus disbursements

Further, Estimate based on the work involved in conducting the matter.

Hourly Rate Agreement

Our Director, Solicitor and Paralegal will work on the case and their hourly rates are:

  • Partners and Senior Solicitors 8+ years of experience – £300 per hour
  • Solicitors 4+ years of experience – £240 per hour
  • Other solicitors, Legal Executive – £220 per hour
  • Trainee solicitors and Paralegals – £180 per hour

The fees would attract a VAT of 20%, VAT is only charged for disbursements when the person claiming disbursement is VAT registered

There may be a few disbursements not limited to:

  • Experts
  • Counsels

We will let you know at the earliest opportunity and before any such fees are incurred by yourself, if any of these are applicable.

Stages involved:

  • Trial in Magistrates Court – minimum 2 to 4 hearings may take 6 to 8 months
  • If the case is sent to crown court then in addition to the 1 hearing in magistrate’s court, 3 – 4 hearings in the crown court this may take 12 – 14 months.

The work will be carry out by:

  • Director assisted by a Solicitor
  • Solicitor/Director assisted by a Paralegal

 Note: Director supervise the whole work and holds ultimate accountability and conduct of matters.

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    Reckless Driving Offences That Can Put You In Difficulty

    ✓ Have you gained your licence recently? Means you would have spent hundreds of dollars to learn the traffic rules and regulations and hence got your Licence. But while you are new to the road as a motor driver, therefore, you probably have more chances of creating the offences on road maybe not intentionally done. Now if any new driver crosses the limit of creating six road mistakes in two years then there are strong chances that he/she will be banned from the road. It always does not happen like this only but you can get the banned charge sheet even with some discretionary powers of the court for some exceptional offences.

    ✓ As stated in the starting of this article one can easily get in trouble or could get banned from the roadways if he/she crosses the limit of 12 offensive mistakes on road in three years. Most probably the chances are that the people do not make so many mistakes but there could be some individual that won’t try to change their on-road behaviour and hence can tend to harm other people, therefore, the government can charge those type of people with crossed limits of road offences with banned on road driving.

    ✓ Driving any vehicle when you are drunk is the most common case from which the people do get charged for the penalties and also for the fines. Those people who do not follow the common rule of driving on road gets trap by the police very easily and most probably most cases of road penalties are related to that only. As this could cause extreme destructive act on the roads with the accidents which happen due to drunk people driving, therefore this offence is taken very seriously and a large amount of fine is also charged to the victims.

    ✓ Not proper documentation of the vehicle, as well as the road driving compatibility of you only, can also be the cause of your penalties although it isn’t very often if the police will ask you for all those updated documents. If you fail to provide the aggregate documents of the proofs then you can also be taken under serious legal actions. The major types of documents include Insurance, Driving licence, Registered vehicle certificate etc.

    Prevention from these types of on-road mistakes and offences could be the only thing that you can actually do to remain safe from the penalties by the government. If you are new to the driving motors on the road then you should prefer to first practice yourself on the less traffic concentrated routes which could also help you from the penalties for that time. At last, you should know one thing that rules of the road are must have properties of the roads because misleading or not cooperate with all these could lead to very dangerous consequences on the road.

    Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

    MB Law Ltd Solicitors provide you assistance about each and every aspect of driving as well as motoring offences. We provide specialist driving offence solicitors. For driving offences, we can provide you services in case:

    ✓ You have received a summons or been charged with any driving offence.

    ✓ You are due in court may are likely to lose your licence.

    ✓ Your car has been flashed and photographed by a speed camera.

    ✓ You have received a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’.

    ✓ The police want to interview you in connection with an accident or incident.

    ✓ You have been involved in a road traffic collision.

    ✓ You have been arrested on suspicion of DRINK DRIVING.

    ✓ The police say you have gone through a red light.

    ✓ You have been accused of driving dangerously or without due care.

    ✓ You have been asked to produce your driving documents at your local police station.

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