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Internet crime or online crime includes all the criminal offences that could be processed online on the internet, Right! Yes, this is right to some extent and all the criminal activities that are carried out in the world of a network like hacking of accounts, bank accounts, networks, WiFi connections, or kind of regulating any malicious activity on the internet for some criminal purposes is categorised as Cyber Crime.

Cyber Crime Law Solicitors in London

Now as we all know that these types of crimes could heavily cause up the people on the internet by demonetizing their bank accounts, get out the important secure information access which could cause up the loss to the businesses etc so there should be a greater need for the law to be focused on the issue. As the Law isn’t left behind in any type of crime, like that only the cyber crime is also not far behind in terms of legal defences and for that, the government of UK has numerous number of Laws protecting from these crimes and limiting the negative intentional people in the online world.

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    Under what conditions the hacking could be considered a crime:

    • Whenever anyone or any group of people tries to get the unauthorised access to the computer material.
    • Whenever if someone tries to access the secured information of some authority or some individual for some beneficial purposes.
    • If someone tries to penetrate into the servers or the networks causing the issues to the business companies, governmental activities or any other related offence.
    • The illegal use of the computer networks for carrying out some criminal activity like hacking of bank accounts etc and for regulating fake businesses on the internet for beneficial matters.
    • All other things which could cause up others through the internet and harm their network data.
    • For terrorism activities, if the internet is misused then also the serious crime is claimed by the law.

    Which of the Legal Acts govern all the Cyber Crimes

    Computer Misuse Act 1990 is one such act that could be although said as the most fulfilled act that covers the whole of the cyber crime like hacking, computer misuses etc. Under this act are all those potential crimes which correlate to the usage or the misuse of the computer for committing any kind of crime.

    There are many of the other related acts by the government which all satisfy the proper security of the people on the internet like Serious Crime Act, the EU Directive 2013/40/EU Police and Justice Act, Human Rights Act, Terrorism Act, Extradition Act and many others.

    Overall, the most basic thing about the Computer misuse or the cyber crime is that all these are carried out under one type of intentions which are only negative like to harm others, frauds, beneficial activities through stumbling others etc. Being supported by the government if anyone feels like he/she have become the victim of ay such criminal offence then they have the right to reach up any legal authority and hence get up the criminals caught as well as their harms done to be reversed somehow, also prevent the further attacks!

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