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Collaborative Family Law

Planning to settle the matters without involving court procedures and law?

Are you willing to share confidential details with your partner and lawyers to achieve divorce?

This process is known as Collaborative Family Law in which, both the partners agree to settle their disputes and conflicts together and sign their separation agreement without involving the court. This doesn’t mean that law won’t be included. For a Collaborative family law, lawyers are required from both the parties who can arrange all the documents for you and advise you on the best solutions.

Why is Collaborative Family Law beneficial?

The decision of getting divorced can lead to excess mental pain and agony, as both the parties have to get separate life from the one they thought of to be their soul mates. In such stressful situation, running to the court and making yourself appear towards court for hearing and results can be a lot to take for your stressful mind. Therefore, collaborative Family Law can deliver separation agreement without any hassles caused. This includes two lawyers, each from one party and some other professionals like financial experts and social workers, depending on the situations. Both the lawyers will advise their clients but they cannot pressurize them to take a decision. The whole decision will depend on the couples getting separated. Also, this divorce type is only possible when you and your spouse agree to share their confidential details with the court and keeping aside their disputes and conflicts, they will sort out the real matters.

How Can We Help?

As mentioned above, the lawyers cannot pressurize their clients to take a decision but, having a professional and supporting lawyer like us, can be a boon for your future. We, at MB solicitors, offer the best guidance and advice to our clients because we understand their psychological condition very well and will help them see the right path through it and make sure they don’t take any decision in waves of their emotion.

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