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We are all affected by the decisions of the local governments, central government, and public bodies. We can assist you to challenge decisions which can be regarded as being unreasonable, use an unfair procedure, outside the jurisdictional powers of the decision maker and/or breach human rights by bringing proceedings for judicial review.

Brief about Judicial Review

Judicial Review is the further processing or the review of the lawfulness of the action or the decision by the court or the session. This is done in demand of the public body that is usually exercising a public function. Now the thing to be considered does this review takes place for every small action by any court or not. And the answer to this is that this does not happen like that but this form of Judicial Review is only available for consent in higher concentrated cases which are related to the public or the group figures. Individual cases are not followed by such a review because they are not considered to be compatible with such kind of reviewing the case as there is already a greater decision given by the higher judgment bench.

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    What Cases can be taken under the act of Judicial Review

    • The decision was taken by some of the major public bodies like health authorities, chief constables, prison governors and the local authorities. These cases could severely affect the public if the slight wrong decisions are taken by these bodies so there is a greater need to review these cases by the Judicial bench.
    • You can also act against the public related decisions by the authorities or the local acting bodies if you have a claim of substantial proof against any of the faults. This could be asked through the court procedure and if you pass on for the accent then your case could be considered to be revised by the Judicial bench.
    • If any of the public bodies do something that is against the law although felt to be safer by them for the public then also there can be a Judicial members review must be considered and the authority shall be charged for that.
    • If the public bodies behave and work unfairly and give more of the respect to the upper communities and not the lower one’s by their actions then also there can be a demand for the judicial review of the actions of the public bodies. If the case is found to be true then the public bodies could be highly charged and no one can oppose that decision given by the Judicial bench.
    • Now if you fail to win your case against the Administrative Court asking for the judicial review then you shall have to pay a large amount to the other acting bodies that may as a minimum of 30,000 pounds. Still, if you have a greater protest for the case then you could follow up with higher authorities for your case but that would likely to consume your time as well as the money but there are more chances that you could meet up the Judicial Review of your case.

    At last, Judicial Review could be the easiest method to solve the bigger case in the short time and with much more accuracy as there are more than 20 to 30 members acting in that case. The active case handling method could only be supported for the high-grade cases and not for any personal cases, but the public can demand their case review if they protest in large numbers.

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