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Are You Worried Your Child May Be Abducted After A Separation?

The breakdown phase of any relationship can be difficult, especially if a child is involved. For example, if both parents decide to separate, the challenges increase ten times more. In this case, a parent may think about several negative possibilities. The situation is worse if the relationship’s breakup is acrimonious and there are allegations, including that of domestic abuse. The wisest decision to take during this time is to hire the child abduction best childcare solicitors near me.

What is the law of child abduction?

If you are bearing parental responsibility for your child, there’s a family law that will prohibit a former partner from being able to separate your child from you. This is more applicable if the partner is trying to take your child out of the country. While there will be no one to prevent the person from travelling with the child, there are several steps that one can take to eradicate the risk of abduction. When you seek childcare solicitors child care proceedings, we will help you understand the solutions.

How to prevent child abduction after separating from your partner?

Initial step

If you are already worried that your former partner may abduct your child, you should take action then and there. The fact that a parent is not British or that a relationship has recently ended is insufficient evidence to support genuine abduction fears.

Hold the passport of your child

The most pressing issue to be solved is the child’s passport. Taking a child out of the country without their passport is difficult, but not impossible, in practice. If you have a passport, be sure to keep it safe. Any request for your passport from your former partner should be approached with utmost caution. If your child has many passports, the same issues apply to all of them.

Connect with the best lawyers

We can help you right now with Child Care Solicitors Child Care Proceedings at MBLaw. If you’re concerned that your former partner might move your child (permanently or temporarily) to another country, or if you’d want to speak with an expert about your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Order against passport replacement

Your ex-partner may obtain a new passport. Orders can be sought requesting that the British Passport Office not issue any more passports for the child and Orders requesting that a foreign consulate in the UK does not issue any more passports and/or travel documents for the child.




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