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Our firm has a long history of working with clients from the Iranian community. To strengthen our ties with our Iranian clients, we have decided to open our top-flight Iranian Desk with the help of Mr Sina Mahouzi (LLB, LPC, MA, LLM). Mr Mahouzi was born in Iran and understands the language and culture of the country.

Iran Sanctions

Since 1979 the US and the International Community under the auspices of the United Nations have imposed various sanctions and embargo on Iran. These are partly for human rights violations and partly for Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme.

The Security Council of the United Nations passed Resolution 1737 in the year 2006, imposing sanctions on a number of entities and individuals who were closely connected with Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missiles programmes. Ever since, there have been various sanctions imposed on Iran from the United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Each of these sanction regimes has their own legal and political characteristics and impose various types of restrictions on public and private parties with connection to Iran. Here at MB Law, we are able to advise our clients on the various types of sanctions and what they would mean for them.

Advising Iranian clients takes more than just knowing the law. Our in-house team understands the language and culture of Iran which helps with providing better advice to our clients. We can help our clients with Money Authorisation from HM Treasury and facilitating trade and transactions between businesses and individuals, in Iran and in the UK.

Banking and Financial Regulations

Due to the complex nature of financial sanctions on Iran and the multiple sanction regimes which exist globally, many ordinary Iranian citizens or dual-nationals with connections to Iran have been punished for no reason other than their link to the country of Iran. This unfair assessment of risk by banks and financial institutions has caused a great deal of difficulty for Iranians or people with any connection to the country of Iran. Many have experienced the closure of their bank accounts, confiscation of their assets or withdrawal of banking facilities. Our team of experts can help our Iranian clients to prevent or to combat such issues.

Corporate and Commercial

Our Corporate and Commercial lawyers have advised many clients on issues concerning their businesses, such as drafting shareholder agreements, allotting shares, transfer of assets or setting up Joint Ventures.

Our corporate and commercial team have a special approach to start-ups and new business ventures. We have various companies with their business development, employee share options or setting up JVs. MB Law can provide competitive prices and tailor-made services which makes it your ideal law firm when it comes to legal advice for your start-up company.


Due to the existing sanctions on Iran and the difficulties with setting up Documentary Letters of Credit or issues regarding payments, it is extremely difficult to do business with Iran. However, we can advise our clients on possible methods or strategies on their trades and transactions.

Due to the unavailability of documentary letters of credit and SWIFT facilities in Iran, this is not easy to trade with Iran, even for parties who are not on the sanctions list. Therefore, dealing with Iran needs special knowledge and expertise which our legal team will be able to provide.


Arbitration is a very popular method of settling disputes between individuals or businesses, due to the speed, effectiveness and other added benefits that it can offer. Arbitration is a highly specialised area which helps clients to avoid going to State courts. Resorting to arbitration usually requires an agreement between the parties which need to be reached before they can use it to settle their disputes. MB Law can help clients regarding their arbitration matters.

The issue of international sanctions can arise in multiple stages of the arbitration process, from choosing the seat of arbitration to enforcement of award and payment of legal fees. Our in-house arbitration team can assist you in finding the right method and mechanism for your arbitration process. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary for getting you the best outcome for our clients.

Middle East Desk:

Working with the Middle East requires more than good knowledge and understanding of the Law. Clients usually prefer to be working with a multi-cultural legal team who understand their language, culture and special concerns. Here at MB Law, we work with our international partners to deliver top-flight service, providing our services internationally by using our local expertise.

We have represented ourselves in a number of international trade fairs, chambers of commerce and for the last time in Dubai Expo 2021. Our representatives are regularly travelling between countries and pursue our clients’ interests. 

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