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A youth court is a special type of Magistrates’ court for people aged between 10 and 17. Young people who commit offences like theft, burglary, anti-social behavior or drugs-related offences are taken to a youth court rather than the adult Magistrates’ court. It has either 3 specially trained magistrates or a district judge. There isn’t a jury in a youth court. Representation at Youth Courts Solicitor in Hounslow 

MB Law Ltd Solicitors can represent juveniles in Youth Courts while ensuring complete anonymity and confidentiality about the people involved, in accordance with the law. While sentencing can vary from reprimand/warning to jail term, we will ensure that the options for you are clearly set out during the entire legal process. Due to varying levels of complexities involving young offenders, a clear view can only be provided after careful examination of the case. We recommend you to get in touch with us at the earliest.

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