Our dedicated team of divorce and family lawyers will protect your assets and secure the future for you and your family.

Finding a solicitor with the right expertise to support you in the process is vital whether you are splitting up with your partner, agreeing the terms of your current relationship, or looking after your children’s interests. The family law solicitors at MB Law are able to help you plan ahead, formalize arrangements, and resolve disputes, regardless of how convoluted or complex things may seem.

Our highly skilled and experienced divorce solicitors can help you at any stage of the divorce process. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable about many sensitive areas that can be difficult to negotiate, like child custody, and settling financial disputes including business interests.

We can provide you with any advice regarding the family law proceedings by calling us at our 24×7 Emergency number: 07737996126 -or- 07940234801 for our confiscation solicitors or more information.

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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Have Years of experience and expertise in Domestic violence and domestic abuse and we guarantee you will see the positive results in yourself...

Child Adoption

Child Adoption then our MB solicitors will always encourage you by making the most convincing documents for child adoption and your parenting prove...

Family Mediation

MB Law Solicitors are here to guide and support you through the entire process of Family Mediation...

Family Dispute

We understand that this is one of the most difficult situations that you will face in your life and more than the legal advice, you need support...

Family Mediation Solutions

We understand that you are going through a rough phase and more than legal help, you need proper mental support...

Parental right and Responsibilities

Parental Rights and Responsibilities (PRR) from the court. The PRR mainly consist of all the necessary rights...

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    What is the confidentiality policy for MB law family solicitors?

    In fact, you can rest assured that when you hire the best family solicitors from MB law, your data and the legalities of the case will be in good hands

    How long will it take for me to reply to my questions?

    MB law-qualified solicitors are available at any time. Upon registering on our site, one of our experts will contact you.

    What do I do if I need consultation on family law ?

    We have a platform for experts to talk to you. It is our aim to provide you with the best possible legal representation by our solicitors, who are experienced, legal professionals.

    Where can I find the best attorney law family in the UK?

    Family solicitors at MB law are highly skilled, driven, and passionate professionals who are sensitive and good listeners. All these factors should be considered before hiring a family lawyer who is transparent, understanding, and trustworthy..


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