Doing business in the UK can be daunting for those who have not much experience of living and working in the UK, also for those who are already successful business people outside of the borders and wonder whether they can achieve the same level of success in the UK. Whether or not you fit in one of these categories, you would surely appreciate that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there, and one really finds it hard to filter the irrelevant and find the exactly right type of advice. In this article, we have tried to include limited information on some of the most known business related UK visas, and offer some, albeit very limited, practical guidance on each. Should you need more help with your UK visa, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    The UK government has a number of visas that are specifically designed to enable nationals of a foreign country to do business in the UK. Of course, there can be no one size fits all approach and we need to have a consultation with every applicant and make sure they are making the right type of application and whether they meet all the requirements for the particular type of visa they are applying for. Below we have provided a brief explanation on different types of UK visa which are issued for the purpose of business;

    1- Business Visitor Visa: This is similar to a standard visitor visa which enables applicants to visit the UK on short business visits and engage in limited business related activities, such as signing a contract, negotiating deals or attending conferences and seminars. This would be suitable for professionals who are visiting the UK for a specific purpose or a short stay of less than six months.

    2- Start-up & Innovator Visas: these visas replaced the old Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. While it reduced the minimum investment under the old regime, it also added a few technical complexities and administrative layers to make sure that the applicants are genuine entrepreneurs and innovators.

    The UK government requires the applicants for both of these visas to obtain an endorsement from one of the approved bodies, in addition to other requirements such as having an innovative idea, viability and scalability. Our specialist team at MB Law Ltd Solicitors will assist you at every step of the way during this process.

    3- Tier 1 Investor Visa: this is one of the surest ways of obtaining an indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The applicants who can invest at least £2 million or more in the UK and meet some eligibility criteria will be able to apply through this scheme. Of course, there are a limited number of these applications per year (100 in 2021), they still remain very popular among applicants from certain countries. MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help you with all aspects of this visa.

    4- Representative of an Overseas Business Visa: remains one of the most popular visas among people with established business abroad. It works best for people who own less than a controlling majority of shares in a company to come and establish their branch here in the UK. This would usually take more than just the intention or having enough funds to do so, but also it requires sufficient business research and planning to make sure this will be a success. At MB Law Ltd Solicitors, we are ready to help professionals from all backgrounds to engage in the UK market.

    5- Global Talent Visa: this is a specific visa being issued for people with exceptional ability in certain fields that are currently:

    • academia or research
    • arts and culture
    • digital technology

    Just like the formerly mentioned Start-Up and Innovator Visas, this particular type of visa also requires an endorsement.

    6- Skilled Worker Visa: this replaced the former Tier 2 (general) worker visa, and helps people who are already employed by certain authorised businesses in the UK and meet other eligibility requirements to obtain a UK visa. This particular type of visa enables the applicants to apply for an indefinite leave to remain after a period of five years.

    7 – Intra-Company Visa: this is a visa that enables the employees of a business to come and engage in business activities in the UK branch.

    Before we can advise on what type of visa you would need to apply, one of the specialist team members should have a consultation with you to make sure that you are receiving the right information.

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