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Employment Law Solicitors – United Kingdom work law controls the relations between laborers, bosses and exchange unions. Individuals at work in the UK advantage from a base sanction of business rights, which are found in different Acts, Regulations, precedent-based law and value. This incorporates the privilege to the lowest pay permitted by the law of £7.20 for more than 25-year-olds under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998. The Working Time Regulations 1998 give the privilege to 28 days paid occasions, breaks from work, and endeavors to confine unreasonably long working hours.

The Employment Rights Act 1996 gives the privilege to leave for kid mind, and the privilege to ask for adaptable working examples. The Pensions Act 2008 gives the privilege to be consequently enlisted in a fundamental word related annuity, whose assets must be secured by Pensions Act 1995.

Specialists must have the capacity to vote in favor of trustees of their word related annuities under the Pensions Act 2004. In a few endeavors, for example, colleges, staff can vote in favor of the chiefs of the association.

Aggregate bartering, between justly sorted out exchange unions and the venture’s administration, remains the “single channel” for individual laborers to neutralize the business’ manhandle of force when it rejects staff or alters the terms of work. Under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act, 1992 strikes are fundamentally legitimate on the off chance that they are “in examination or promotion of an exchange debate“.

And also having rights for reasonable treatment, the Equality Act 2010 requires that individuals are dealt with similarly, unless there is a decent legitimization, in view of their sex, race, sexual introduction, convictions, and age. To battle social prohibition, bosses should decidedly oblige the requirements of debilitated individuals.

Low maintenance staff, office specialists, and individuals on altered term contracts are dealt with for the most part similarly contrasted with full-time or lasting staff. To handle unemployment, all representatives are qualified for sensible notice before rejection after a qualifying time of a month, following two years they must be expelled for a reasonable reason, and are qualified for a repetition installment if their employment was no more drawn out monetarily vital.

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    Contract of Work

    All employees are entitled to a contract of employment which forms the basis of the employment relationship. The following details must be included in the written statement:

    • Employer’s and employee’s name
    • Job title or job description
    • Date the employment began, place of work and address of employer
    • The amount of pay and interval between payments
    • Hours of work, holiday pay, and sick pay entitlements
    • Pension arrangements
    • Notice period
    • Grievance and appeal arrangements
    • Disciplinary rules or dismissal procedures

    Over the years, employees have become entitled to a wide range of statutory rights, derived from parliamentary acts and regulations that affect the employment relationship. In general, they cannot be waived and include the right:

    Working Hours

    The business contract will express the quantity of hours he is relied upon to work and how much occasion he is qualified for. There are controls that set out the greatest number of hours a man ought to work every week. When all is said in done youngsters between school leaving age, and 18 years of age ought to work a most extreme of 40 hours a week, or 8 hours a day. For specialists of 18 or over the figure is 48 hours a week.

    Minimum Wages

    The minimum wages in the United Kingdom is since 1. 10. 2008 the amount 993.20 pounds sterling (1186 EURO) per month.

    Ending Employment

    The contract can be terminated in various ways:

    • By the expiry of the agreed term (temporary contract)
    • Notice (dismissal) by employer or employee
    • Termination by mutual agreement
    • Setting aside of the contract by the cantonal court
    • The death of the employee


    All workers have a statutory right to at least four weeks paid annual leave (20 days paid holiday if his work five days a week).

    Our employment law solicitors team consists of highly experienced Solicitors who are all dedicated to providing a practical legal service which provides experienced insight to all areas of employment law. We insist on providing prompt, practical and jargon-free advice, advising both employers and employees respectively on all employment law matters.

    We can assist you with:

    • TUPE
    • Redundancy
    • Health & Safety
    • Maternity Leave
    • Pre-contract Advice
    • Termination Procedures
    • Recruitment Procedures
    • Tribunal & Court Representation
    • Dismissal disputes
    • Equal Opportunities
    • Employment contracts
    • Compromise Agreements
    • Contracts of Employment
    • Breach of Contract Claims
    • Constructive Dismissal Claims
    • Bullying, Discrimination, and Harassment
    • Remuneration/Incentive Packages

    Hourly Rate Agreement

    Our Director, Solicitor and Paralegal will work on the case and their hourly rates are:

    • Partners and Senior Solicitors 8+ years of experience – £300 per hour
    • Solicitors 4+ years of experience – £240 per hour
    • Other solicitors, Legal Executive – £220 per hour
    • Trainee solicitors and Paralegals – £180 per hour

    The fees would attract a VAT of 20%, VAT is only charged for disbursements when the person claiming disbursement is VAT registered

    There may be a few disbursements not limited to:

    • This may vary from case to case but rest assured we will keep informed of any charges before hand
    • We will let you know at the earliest opportunity and before any such fees are incurred by yourself, if any of these are applicable.

    Stages involved:

    Stages vary from case to case but the following will remain the same:

    • Our team of experts will take your detailed instructions.
    • Our team of experts will provide advise on the basis of the instructions provided by you
    • Our team of experts will explain the entire process in detail, costs involved and estimated time involved in dealing with your matter.

    Time Frame:

    • 1 month to 1 Year: For Unfair Dismissal and Wrongful dismissal cases.
    • 3 Months: To bring the case to Employment Tribunal.
    • 6 years: To bring the case to the Country Court in some wrongful dismissal cases.
    • The length of the time may increase in case the Employment Tribunal’s Reserve Judgement and list separate remedy hearings for it

    Note: The number of hours and fees is based on the above-mentioned facts. Further, we need the information about your case to give you an accurate estimate of everything.

    The work will be carry out by:

    • Director assisted by a Solicitor
    • Solicitor/Director assisted by a Paralegal

     Note: Director supervise the whole work and holds ultimate accountability and conduct of matters.

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