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Are you feeling unsecured about your cohabitation relationship?

Planning to save your financial future for children in co-Habitation but don’t know how?

Ask our solicitors and consultants. We, at MB solicitors, are all flexible to family laws and disputes. The couples agreed to live in Co-Habitation, many times face financial crises after breaking up with their partners and no one can help them out because even the law doesn’t support such relationships. But, we always have a solution to any problem so does this one. Hiring a professional lawyer for Co-Habitation agreement can safeguard your future after breaking up.

How do Co-Habitation Works?

Unlike married couples, many people these days prefer live-in relationships without marrying, just to test their compatibility. Unlike married couples, there isn’t any legal certification or proof of such relationship and by any chance, if the other partner wants to break-up, then things get challenging, as both the couples invested equally in property, business, and personal investments. Things worsen more when the children are involved. For the weaker party, this can cause frustration, as they can’t claim any right to their own property or money.

Therefore, the Co-Habitation agreement prepared by a professional attorney like us will be a life-saver for both the parties. Under this agreement, all the properties and financial rights are divided equally among the couples so that, if in future they want to be separated, they can strive for it, independently. For women, such relationships can be devastating if they got children with this relationship. Therefore, it is must for women that they have a backup agreement signed by both the parties for any future disputes.

How can We Help?

The MB solicitors take pride in offering best-supporting consultation to their clients in their rough phase of life. We are keen to offer best-in-class services so that, the couples can live their life independently without any second-thoughts of their and their children future. Call us today and get a professional consultation for avoiding future emotional headaches.

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