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Boiler Room Fraud Solicitors in the UK

Boiler Room Fraud – In terms of business, boiler room refers to an outbound call centre which sells questionable investments by telephone. It refers to a room where salesmen work using unfair sales tactics. However, sometimes they sell penny stocks and private placements. The term ‘Boiler Room Fraud’ carries a negative connotation and often implies high-pressure sales tactics.

Share Scams are usually run by boilers rooms fraud where fraudsters offering worthless or sometimes non-existent shares to the potential investors by promising high returns. But at the last, victims losing all of their savings. Fraudsters try to pressurise you so that you can make a rash decision without knowing the nature of the investment. For earning maximum returns people encouraged to make the investment. The fraudsters may provide false share certificate to the investors. These frauds tend to start with telephone calls and then end up with the money gained from the target.

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    How Share Fraud and Boiler Room Fraud works

    In a simple sense boiler room, share sales, hedge fund or bond fraud involves bogus stockbrokers, mainly based overseas. They have a nexus of cold calling people who pressurised them into buying shares by email, repetitive phone calls and word of mouth in a seminar that promise a high return on investment. But in reality, the shares are worthless or non-existent.

    These scams sometimes advertise in newspapers, company journals or online in the form of genuine investment opportunity for the prospective investors but in the real sense, they only advertise to lure the targeted customers by offering them huge returns or bonus shares on every purchased per unit of share.

    If you have ever been scammed

    We at MB Ltd Law receive almost more than 1000 calls a year from victims of share frauds. Unfortunately, about 40% of these people have already paid their money to these criminals. It generally takes an average of about five calls from these scammers before people call us. You can report the scam to us by contacting our Customer care Helpline on 0208 863 3666 or using our reporting form. Please click here.

    Further Steps To Be Followed:-

    • Firstly break off all contacts with fraudsters.
    • Report it to the action fraud and deal with financial services firms. Also, check the register to ensure they are.
    • If you are submitted the bank account details to fraudsters, alert your bank immediately.
    • If you have any written communication which is received from fraudsters.These written documents may help you as an evidence.

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    Feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialise in all the above-described matters related to Boiler Room Fraud or Share Scam. Here MB Law Ltd Solicitors provide you with experienced boiler room fraud solicitors to all parts of London namely HounslowUxbridgeEaling KingstonSuttonHarrowWood GreenLeytonWest EndKnights BridgeCroydonBromleyGreenwich, PoplarIlford, RomfordRedbridgeWestminsterBrentIslingtonHaveringBarnetEnfieldWandsworthSouthwarkBarking and DagenhamBexleyNewhamLewishamCamdenBarnetHavering, MertonHammersmith and FulhamHillingdon, etc.

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