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Experiencing problems in your marriage?

Are the problems too serious to continue the married life with your partner?

Marriage is one of the best relationships and this union of two people can become the best bond to share, but at the same time, there are chances that you and your partner are finding it difficult to live with each other. The best way to end the marriage is by applying for a divorce, and it may be a contested or uncontested divorce.

Whether you want to instigate the legal proceedings for ending an unhappy marriage or you are at the receiving end of a divorce petition filed by your partner, we help you with the best advice and representation in the courtroom. We specialize in making things easier for you in this difficult time.

What Is Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

An undefended or undisputed divorce is legally termed as the “uncontested” divorce while the “contested” divorce is full of disputes and is sometimes defended by the other partner. Often, the contested divorce is the complicated one and the process taking longer to complete. The couple has to attend multiple Court hearings. Also, there are a lot of disputes which need to be settled either in court or out of the court.

How We Help You?

We, at MB Law Solicitors provide our clients the best legal advice in both contested and uncontested divorce scenarios. Whether your divorce proceedings are simple and mutual consent based or are complicated. Our legal consultants at NYGoodHealth help you to work out the best solutions and give you the mental peace. We believe that steering our clients through the distress, pain and acceptance of divorce is one of our cardinal responsibilities.

If you are also experiencing such situation in your life and need the right advice, don’t hesitate to connect with us. We will provide you the right guidance and support for filing Contested or Uncontested Divorce.

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