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Traffic Light Offence Solicitors- Inability to conform to a Traffic Light Sign is a Road Traffic Offense. It is the driver’s duty to stop at a movement light unless the light is green and it is clear and safe to continue. It is no barrier to contend that the light was on golden when you experienced it. Continuing through on a golden light is quite a bit of an offence as experiencing when it is in red.

On the off chance that you are confronting indictment for a traffic light infringement, this will ordinarily be founded on photographic and discovery device proves and on this occasion, you will get a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Usually, this will bring about a Fixed Penalty Notice, which will comprise of a fine and punishment focuses on your driving permit.

Traffic Light Offence

The greater part of activity light offences depend on photographic confirmation and if a driver is discovered submitting an offence they will get a Notice of Intended Prosecution which will prompt to a Fixed Penalty Notice.


The most extreme punishments for a Traffic Light Offense are:

  • Maximum fine of £1000.00
  • 3 focuses
  • Discretionary exclusion

Independent of a Traffic Light indictment being managed by a Fixed Penalty or at Court, the discipline is 3 punishment focuses and a fine. As of now, a fine on a Fixed Penalty is £60, if a Traffic Light Offense case goes to Court, the fine is meant tried yet constrained to £1000.

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    1. Drivers are obliged to stop at movement lights unless the light is green.
    2. On the off chance that the light is amber the vehicle should likewise stop unless it has as of now passed the white stop line or the vehicle is so near the line that stopping would bring about a mishap.
    3. In the event that the light is red, a vehicle must stop behind the stop line in all conditions.

    Stop lines

    1. Regardless of the possibility that the stop line is not completely noticeable, it is still an offence to pass a red light. On the off chance that the line is not obvious the vehicle ought to stop in accordance with the lights.
    2. In the event that a vehicle was in motion and the lights changed when they were hanging in the balance then the length of they stop quickly an offence won’t be submitted. On the off chance that the vehicle endeavors to advance further when the light is on red an offence will be conferred.
    3. The offence will be conferred if any part of the vehicle crosses the stop line when the red light is appearing. Regardless of the possibility that it was just the front wheels that crossed a driver would, in any case, have submitted an offence.


    Potential defences

    On the off chance that a vehicle had ceased at a red light yet experienced with a specific end goal to give a crisis vehicle a chance to pass in spite of the fact that the offense has been submitted it is far-fetched that the driver would be indicted as there may be “extraordinary reasons” why there ought not to be a discipline.

    In the event that the movement lights were not working effectively and a driver passed however on red, there is a potential safeguard as the lights don’t conform to the proper directions. The driver would need to demonstrate that procedure through the lights was a sensible activity and that it was clear the lights were not working accurately.

    Unacceptable defences

    In the event that a vehicle went through a red light as the driver behind them was excessively close and halting would have created a mischance, it won’t be considered as a guard as there are no conditions for passing the stop line when the lights are red.

    In the event that a vehicle slipped because of climate conditions and passed the stop line while the light was on red, it would not be acknowledged as a resistance. The driver has an obligation to drive at a speed that would empower them to end instantly. The court would choose that the driver had not considered the poor climate conditions, and there is a further hazard that the affirmation could get to be distinctly driving without due care and consideration which would convey a more serious discipline.

    On account of verbalized vehicles, the driver has a commitment to ensure that the entire of the vehicle can pass while the light is on a green. In the event that this is not the case the vehicle ought not to continue. In this manner, if the front of the vehicle passes the line and the lights change to red before whatever is left of the vehicle can go through, the offence is submitted.

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