If your application is for “Administration of an Estate where the Deceased has died intestate i.e. not leaving a Will in a non-taxable estate”.

Two types of Fees agreement:

  1. Fixed Fess Agreement
  2. Hourly Rate Agreement

Details of the Agreement

 Fixed Fee Agreement

Cost can be between £2500 – £7,500 plus VAT. Average price is £3,700 plus VAT.  

Note: The cost of the case can be at lower if the matter is simple which merely deals with a matter of non-taxable estate where the deceased has died with intestate.

Further, Estimate based on the work involved in conducting the matter.

  1. Hourly Rate Agreement

Our Director and Paralegal will work on the case and their hourly rates are:

  • Director – £317.00 plus VAT (Approx.)
  • Paralegal- £120.00 plus VAT (Approx.)
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    Note: This kind of work requires not more than 20 hours of work. But, total hours depend on the circumstances of the case. These circumstances are:

    • The amount of time to analyze the complexity of the evidence.
    • The amount of time to read the supporting evidences.
    • Unanticipated complexities for the case
    • The amount of time spent to get your instructions.
    • If any Disagreements arise between beneficiaries with regard to existence of the Will.

    The work will be carry out by:

    • Director; or
    • Paralegal supervised by a Director

     Note: Director supervise the whole work and holds ultimate accountability and conduct of matters.


    Agreement Fees Includes following Services (no extra fees for it)

    • Initial Attendances with the you. Arrange your conferences with senior solicitors (if required). We choose the options of attendances and conference as per your circumstances
    • Analyze the record to determine who is eligible to be a Personal Representative of the Estate.
    • As per the Intestacy law, determine the beneficiaries to the Estate.
    • Take all appropriate measures to establish the existence of a Will.
    • Obtaining estimates for property and contents.
    • Assisting in arranging for the property to be placed on the market.
    • Approach the all authorities who had assets of the deceased.
    • Analyze all the assets.
    • Complete IHT 205. Make all the arrangement to satisfy the IHT bill.
    • Preparing the oath and submitting an application for letters of Administration.

    Agreement Fees does not include:

    • Other Court Fees: Probate Court Fee and Fees for additional Copies of Grant of Probate.
    • £5.00 per Executor for swearing of Oath. Additional fee of £2.50 per Executor if Will is annexed.
    • £300-£500 to Law Society for Gazette Wills & Whereabouts advertisements.
    • £185 plus VAT (Approx.) to London Gazette Advertisement to protect against creditors.

    Note: We will inform before if any such fees will be incurred against the you.

     Time Frame:

    • 5 Months to 18 Months: for straightforward application.
    • 7 to 26 Weeks: to obtain the Letter of Administration.
    • 6 to 15 Weeks: after Letter of Administration, Collecting assets.

    In the last,

    • 2 to 4 Weeks: to distribute the assets.

    Note: Number of hours and fees is based on the above-mentioned facts. Further, we need the information of your case to give you accurate estimate of your case.

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