If your application is for Application Points Based System Tier 4 (Student)

Agreed/ Fixed Fees Agreement

Cost for the Agreement: £ 1800 (Average cost)

(All figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated)

This type of work takes 15 Hours to complete

But the exact numbers of hours depend on the circumstances in your case. Like

  • The amount of time to analyze the supporting evidence
  • Language you speak
  • If there are any Unanticipated complexities like refusals, criminal convictions, adverse immigration history.

Note: The cost is likely to be at the lower end of the range, if you are able to provide sufficient evidence at our initial meeting and evidently meet the applicable Immigration Rules.

The work will be carry out by

  • Director; assisted by Solicitor
  • Solicitor: assisted by paralegal
  • Paralegal supervised by a Director

 Note: Director supervise the whole work and holds ultimate accountability and conduct of matters.

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    Agreement Fees Included Services (no extra fees for it)

    • Initial attendance with you
    • Consider all the options and Establish the most suitable application as per your circumstances
    • Instruct you on the requirements of the immigration rules/guidance and any specified evidence so that you shall know the process of your case
    • Directing on method of submission priority like premium standard servicing
    • Analyze the supporting evidence
    • Advising you on the finding of the evidence
    • Helping you obtaining further evidence which includes engaging with 3rd parties where permitted to etc. medical experts/ banks/employers
    • drafting applications with supporting evidences
    • draft the detailed representations with index
    • finalizing application submission after your instructions
    • Further submission if required
    • Providing you updates on progress through call or emails.
    • Further, instruct you on outcome of application and what next step you take

    Agreement/Fixed Fees does not include:

    • In case, there is any application made to Home office. You need to pay directly to Home office for the application. The application can be for appeals, reconsiderations and for dependents.
    • If home office refused your application. If you want further advice and assistance with regard to it. you need to pay for it.
    • You will pay for expenses like VAT, Disbursements for medical, expert evidence and barristers.

    Note: We will inform you at your initial meeting if any such fees will be incurred against you.  

    Time Frame:

    • 6 to 8 Weeks to Submit Application: Further, it depends on the complexity of applicant’s immigration history.

    Note: We will be informing you beforehand if it will take long time than this.

    • Return of application submitted: It is solely upon the Home Office who will take to process your application.

    Note: Expected fees is an estimate based on the above-mentioned facts. Further, the accurate estimate of your application can vary. We need the more information about your specific case.

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