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A Step by Step Guide to the UK Immigration Framework

For a long time, the UK used to be subjected to the European Free Movement Rights. People with a valid Schengen Visa had the right to move into the UK, reside and work there. Although there can be arguments regarding this system’s benefits and drawbacks, these all changed after Brexit on 31st January 2020.

New Immigration Policy

Post-Brexit, the United Kingdom decided to treat the EU and non-EU citizens all the same. A new immigration policy was drafted by UK immigration service and focus was given to facilitate the immigration of high skilled, high productivity workforce irrespective of their origin. And to maintain the desired quality of immigrant influx, a point based system was put in place.

Point-Based Immigration System

The point based system developed by the UK Immigration service is transparent, easy and flexible so that anyone with the required skill can apply for a UK visa, given he satisfies the minimum criteria.

1. The first criteria are that the applicant should have a job offer from an approved sponsor. This has a non-tradeable 20 points.

2. The job offer should be of the appropriate skill level. This also holds non-tradeable 20 points.

3. The applicant should be able to speak English at the required level. This has a weightage of non-tradeable 10 points.

The above-mentioned criteria are non-tradeable, which means they all are must have for any applicant. The next criteria are as follows and they are tradeable.

4. Salary: [ £20,480 – £23,039 ] has 0 points

5. Salary of £23,040 – £25,599 has 10 points

6. Salary of £25,600 and above has 20 points

7. Job in shortage occupation holds 20 points [ the shortage occupation should be designated by MAC]

8. PhD has a weightage of 10 points

9. PhD in any STEM subject has a weightage of 20 points.

Calculating all the above, the applicant should have a minimum of 70 points to apply for a UK visa.

While the point based system is new, new doesn’t always mean complicated. And if any of this is making you hesitant to apply for a UK visa, there are immigration lawyers who can facilitate the whole process, so that you won’t have to worry about anything. Any reputed immigration lawyer is well connected within the government to handle and resolute any individual case of immigration.

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