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Recent Legal Aid Cases related to Criminal Defence

R-V- P M

Case involved an allegation of a series of burglaries in a dwelling. This was a complex matter which was listed for trial. In brief, at trial it was noted that the DNA results were mixed substances and therefore there was no case to answer. The Jury directed a verdict of not guilty and the defendant was acquitted.

  • R  V  CO : Allegation of burglary, found not guilty.
  • R  V  NE : Five counts of armed (gun point) robbery.
  • R  V  KB : Allegation of assault in detention centre.
  • R  V  SK : Possession of prohibited weapon under Firearms Act 1968.
  • R  V  A.N : Case of possession of criminal property as large amount of IT items found.
  • R  V  SMD : It was an extradition matter in which def was wanted on European Union warrant for attempted Murder and armed robbery.
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