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Recent Legal Aid Cases related to use of Prohibited Substances


This case consisted of an importation of a Class A drugs from India. The case followed through to trial and extensive legal submissions were directed to the Crown and Court. This resulted in a hung jury and a further re-trial was ordered. After further representations and submissions at the re-trial, the Crown resulted in offering no evidence.


This case is a five handler case and consists of smuggling illegal immigrants into the UK. The charges follow an investigation by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU). A total of 16 Albanian nationals were detained and deported as part of the investigation. The Case is still ongoing.

  • R  V  P.E: Conspiracy to supply class A drugs with a very large quantity of drugs.
  • R  V  CS:  Conspiracy of Importation of large quantity of class A drugs.
  • R  V  FO: Importation of large quantity of Class A drugs.
  • R  V  JDB: Possessions with intent to supply class A drugs, found not guilty intent to supply.
  • R  V  AA: Possession with intent to supply class A
  • R  V  PA: Multiple Counts of Possession with an intention to supply Class B.
  • R  V-LB: Case of witness intimidation/Juror, the client was acquitted.
  • R  V  R. D: Possession with intent to supply class A drugs as a drug dealer.
  • R  V  OO: Case of quit high quantity of importation of class A drugs, Under section Custom and excise Management act 1979.
  • R  V  J. L. M: Case of Concerned in the fraudulent evasion of a prohibition on the importation of a class A drugs. Under section Custom and excise Management acts 1979.
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