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Fraud Law Solicitors– Fraud is an unlawful and illegal way of getting the benefits from the authorities or the people through malicious activities. The frauds are of different kinds but there’s only one common relation among all these frauds, that all are done with the intentions to take away the benefit of the people in any way either by guiding them to do anything wrong or hacking on them for the purpose.

Fraud Law in London

The fraud could be done in various forms either by just misguiding for becoming the victim of any bitter agreement, forcefully get away the precious things without letting anyone know about that. According to the report published in the Guardian that the large population in the UK had lost more than 300 billion dollars every year and this isn’t too small amount which could be easily shifted aside in the mind. For protecting such an amount the government of UK works very hard to implement Fraud Law and to safeguard the people from these frauds. And all possible legal limitations and support are made in the form of different Acts or Laws! Contact our Fraud Law solicitors for further details.

  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Investment Fraud
  • MTIC VAT Fraud
  • Pension Fraud
  • Public Sector Fraud
  • Boiler Room Fraud
  • Bribery and Corruption
For the people how could the Civil Fraud exist and in which possible forms:

If someone tries to follow some sort of bogus scheme or agreement which seems to be beneficial at very the first instance then this could be the case of fraud and get erect at that time and just try to find that the person or organization is offering valid schemes and ask him for some further legal verification of that scheme. Try not to get into the words of anyone so easily but rather go for verification before getting into the deals. All frauds in the UK come under The Fraud Act 2006. Click here to get in touch with our fraud law solicitors

    • Through Online business, thousands of people lost their money because of fraudulent websites. If you are going to buy anything or want some services via online portal then be sure to first confirm that the website is totally safe and there are no malicious activities such as hacking, phishing etc is going on for gaining access to your bank credentials. This is possible that you could lose your access to the bank accounts after making up the transactions on the malicious websites made especially to trap innocent people, so be sure to go with the verified sites having https://(secure link) on the browser URL. Speak to our specialist fraud law solicitors now.
    • Mortgage Fraud is one of the frauds which are more commonly done among the people to misrepresent the information in mortgage loan application in order to obtain larger loan amount. It is easy to execute fraud and get the direct benefits. If you are also going into any such deal regarding your property, mortgage etc then try to update and alert your doings, so that they can’t intervene in the eyes of Law.
    • Never ever give your documents or identity proofs to anybody only after getting into their false statements, first of all, try to verify and authenticate the authority or the company asking you for the personal details and then only provide them with your credentials or the identity proofs. If any misleading authority would get hands on your identity documents then make sure that you would have to go through the hard times!
    • The law could be there all the times to help you in a case of frauds that happens to you but make sure that prevention is much better than acting against frauds. You could easily protect yourself from such type of fraud if you remain updated about all your doings, if you doesn’t prove to be strong enough there then the government have the power to act for your safeguard. In case if you see any kind of fraud authority or individual performing illegal acts through fraud then visit the police station soon as this could save you from these frauds!
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