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Bankruptcy & Divorce

Are you worried about bankruptcy after divorce?

Is the debt of your spouse making your life unsecured too?

Some decisions taken have a life-changing impact on our future. The idea of filing a divorce case itself is the biggest decision someone can take. But, in this independent world, we are ever ready to support you in any decision-making of bankruptcy and divorce cases. If you are confused whether to file divorce case first and then sort out bankruptcy issue or the other way round, MB solicitors will always guide you to get things done easily and under less wastage of money.

What do Bankruptcy and Divorce mean?

If you and your spouse are willing to file a divorce case and you being the debtor cannot repay the amounts then you can file a petition for bankruptcy in which, the court can liquidate the case.

How can We Help?

In order to set free from unhappy marriage, you never know what this freedom will cost you. If you fail to file bankruptcy case before divorce then it can go invalid on the court. Also, both the cases need to be solved together; delaying which can delay your divorce hearing too. We, at MB solicitors, help our clients solve these disputes with a smart approach. Therefore, our highly-skilled consultants try to solve the disputes outside court itself because we are well-aware of time-taking and money-making strategies.

It is an awful situation when financial issues become the reason for divorce and separation. We never want to let that happen with our clients and hence, offer smart appeals to sort things out. If not succeeded, we are keen to give best-in-class services for bankruptcy and divorce cases.

At this stage of life, no one asks for advice but a mental support and motivation can be soothing. MB solicitors know it very well. Hence, we make our best approach for freeing our clients and making them live an independent life peacefully.

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