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Property Law Solicitors

English Property Law

English Property Law refers to the law of acquisition, protection, and sharing of valuable assets in the England and Wales. Because the United Kingdom is the part of this law, many elements of the Scots property law may vary. In the England, property law mainly encompasses four main concerns:

  • English Trusts Law
  • English Personal Property Law
  • The United Kingdom intellectual property law
  • English Land Law or ‘Real Property’ law

What we provide you with

  • To record the term of an agreement in a legal document.
  • Advise our clients on their responsibilities as well as rights in leasehold relationship and how to take appropriate actions if some problem arises.
  • Prepare a detailed report for the buyer and anyone lending money to some person.
  • Take appropriate steps to register new owners and protect the interest of investors or lenders.
  • Help developers get all the necessary permissions to alter, build or change the permitted use of properties.
  • Managing property portfolio investments and advice on real estate funds.

Realities of Real Estate

  • Property lawyer has to do multi-task. A property deal could involve many hundreds of properties, and your caseload may contain scores of files, all at different stages in the process.
  • Good drafting skills must require attention to details and a detailed thought to be implemented in drafting a legal document.
  • The job of property solicitor may require some site visits, this is mainly a desk job with a lot of time to be spent on the phone with other solicitors, civil servants, estate agents, and consultants.
  • As a property solicitor, your days will be busy and may be predictable than in other transactional practices.
Challenges faced by Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

We understand that buying a new house is a major ‘life decision’. We are committed to making the whole process as straightforward as possible.

The cost of purchasing a property, there are some associated costs that may form part of this process. You are likely to pay for a number of searches, have a survey on the property carried out as well as the legal cost for conveyancing. Many of these costs accumulate before the purchase of the property will go through. In the majority of instances if you start the legal conveyancing process on the property you will be liable for these costs which may incur out of certain legal processes.

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Property Law. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

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